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Server Address: play.corinthmc.com

All donations are used to upgrade CorinthMC to make the player experience more enjoyable!

- Upgrade servers: as the player base grows so does capacity and the need to increase space and bandwidth.

- Develop more plugins: donations will be used to pay developers to make custom plugins & create more game types.

The goal of CorinthMC is to create a safe, fun, & exciting environment for all ages and enjoy the full experience with friends & family. Your continued support & donations are used only for the servers continued expansion and improvements!

Happy Mining!!!

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Please note that all donations are final and once you purchase your package you cannot be refunded. In the time of a chargeback, you will be auto-matically banned on our server by buycraft. Please make sure you are above the age of 18, or ask a parent before purchasing a donation rank or package. 

An ECheck can take up to 7-14 days to process.

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